Customer Review: Zeniswell Trouble Soothing Gel

Posted by Comian Tuesday, November 9, 2010 11:15 PM 0 comments

Occupation: Teacher
Skin type: Combination and a little bit sensitive

Soothing = feels good
My skin has irritated after went for beauty workshop and tried their scrub product which contain chemical ingredient. My skin started exfoliates after this and my wedding date is near.
I didn’t feel good when I finish my work and go back home and see my face in the mirror. But, I found zeniswell soothing gel. It is mild type and comes in big size. I love this. It is very moist and soothes my red skin. After using this, I can see my skin very white and bright. I keep it in the refrigerator for better soothing effect. This one is my favorite item.

Customer Review: Zeniswell Pure Cleansing Oil

Posted by Comian 10:33 PM 0 comments

I used to use cleansing oil from D** but when I come over to my friend’s place, I tried zeniswell cleansing oil. It smells good, cleans better and doesn’t leave any traces of stickyness. I tested the cleansing by removing lipstick, shadow and eyeliner on back of my hand.

It removes waterproof eyeliner perfectly. D** cleansing oil smells too oily so I didn’t like it but this one smells good and fresh after I wash it. I think it’s the best item for cleansing!!!

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