Zamian Handmade Soap - non oily feel after washed

Posted by Comian Wednesday, September 22, 2010 12:16 AM

If you haven't try the handmade soap, the first impression you heard about handmade soap ,and you may question "will this make my skin dry ?", this is what i had been asking by many people before they try the gold mask set.
Well, if you are oily and combination skin type, you won't feel the oil film on your skin surface after washed. It is really really clean even just a handmade soap. There is 2 color of handmade soap where the black color is made from cocoa and yellow color is made from camellia oil. It is recommend to use when you do cocoa mask. Wash with cocoa soap before mask, then you may wash off the mask with the yellow soap. Both contain high anti-oxidant and cocoa is very good in remove the dirt while camellia full of vitamin which provide moisturizing.For daily cleansing, you may use either one of the soap.

Currently i am using the cacao handmade soap for my daily cleansing. After remove my makeup with the cleansing oil, i will wash again with the soap. Try look at the mirror after wash, you will feel your skin is bright ( this is my own personal experience, do you feel that too?) .It is easily to create a creamy bubble once you wet your hand and rub the soap on your palm.

There is a suggestion please don't put the soap inside bathroom or under high temperature. I will keep the soap in a box and put outside bathroom,so it can last me for about 3 month.
Overall it is not easily become melt but if you doesn't dry it after wash, it will finish faster.

Since it contain glycerin, so it doesn't make you skin very dry or tight after wash.If you have very dry and mature skin, you may not suitable to use the soap for daily cleansing.Use it together with the mask for deep cleansing purpose about 1-2 times per week.

Suitable Skin type : Oily and combination skin
Where to get: Comian

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