Think chocolate, think Zamian Gold Cacao Pack

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If you hate your acne, pimple, blackhead, sebum, and looking for product which can help to oil control, Zamian Gold Cacao Mask is the recommend mask that you should try.Zamian Gold Mask is made from pure cacao powder, contain aloe leaf extract and gold powder.Gold Powder is help to stimulates cellular growth of the basal layer to regenerate healthy, firm skin cells and gives a tightening effect.

Most importantly ,it can help to make the skin absorb well once the mask apply on face.
In Korea, there is some step to use gold mask, so that you may feel you face look very clean and bright.It is good for those who wish to have bright skin and it help to lighten scar.

1) Use Zamian Cacao Handmade Soap
2) Create a creamy lather with some water and apply to your face
3) Wash the face thoroughly with clean water
4) Apply the mask from chin part to forehead
5) Avoid on eye area,try to apply a bit thick on those T-Zone,acne part
6) After 10-15 minutes,wash-off with Zamian Camelia Handmade Soap.Camelia Soap contain high vitamin and moisturizing effect.
7) Create a creamy lather with some water and apply to your face
8) Wash the face thoroughly with clean water
9) Wash again with Zamian Clear Form Cleansing

For some poeple when first time apply they will feel heat,it is because it help to open up the pore and clean it out.If you feel that,just try to apply the mask for 5 minutes only.Normally you won't feel that again after use the mask for fews times.

Oily and combination skin : use 2-3 times per weeks.
Dry Skin : Once per week.May use together with caviar mask for moisturizing purpose.

You may also apply partly on those problem area, so that you won't worry about this mask will cause your face look dry. It is suitable for all skin type. So you may share this mask with your mum too. :-)

Due to its popurity and effective treatment on problem skin, Zamian get the 2 year award at 2007,2008.

For new release year 2010, upgrade premium gold cacao pack is now available in market.

It is more effective and i will describe further on next blog.
Besides,there is other Zamian product such as cacao face scrub, black cacao sugar scrub, cacao body cleanser, caviar mask pack, cacao powder wash which is also highly recommended. Kindly check it out at .If you need any help or advice on the product, kindly email us at

Please be aware that there is some Zamian product which is not manufacture by the korea company itself.If wish to know, kindly survey at some night market. :-)



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Zeniswell 东方美锁水睡眠面膜的颜色很轻盈清透,质地也是水水的,一看到它就觉得有种舒爽畅快的感觉。在脸上涂了以后,比我的预料更柔软,所以名字是锁水面膜!充分按摩后,脸上感觉到水润,感不到黏腻感的。

使用后第二天上妆会更容易,也不容易起皮浮粉或为了预防皮肤问题,涂抹Zeniswell 东方美锁水睡眠面膜是很好办法,因为它性质柔软对肌肤没刺激,不用担心皮肤问题。涂了以后,好好睡,就第二天水水滋润的肌肤。


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